Woodside - Duramax Sheds

If you're looking for a very high quality vinyl storage shed, or building supplies and fences, then contact Duramax Building Products. Duramax is a company highly devoted and dedicated to their craft and customers. With a Duramax shed you'll know that your shed has been designed to withstand punishing climates and harsh conditions because they've been crafted from the best quality materials available. Their vinyl is designed for intense environmental conditions of both northern and southern states of the US. Duramax sheds are sure to weather any storm and handle any climate and are maintenance free.

It can be quite tricky choosing the perfect material for long-term storage requirements. Wood is a fire hazard, and is very prone to mildew, mould, termites and rot. Metal is definitely more stable, however without proper treatment it becomes prone to corrosion and rust. An ideal long term storage solution is durable and maintenance free - providing long years of service without fuss or hassle. Thankfully, the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed provides exactly that: it's immune to the problems with wood and metal, its fire retardant, weather proof, unwelcoming to fungi or bugs, and with a fifteen year warranty is ready to provide years and years of service.

As a noticeable presence on any property, the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed also takes some aesthetic considerations in mind, in addition to its high degree of functionality. By carefully selecting a colour scheme to compliment your property, your Duramax shed with it's simple and elegant design will become a valued asset. The gabled brown resin roof is highlighted by matching brown trim and doors, while the ivory white outer walls provide a pleasing contrast. Designed for functionality as well as aesthetics, the sloping panels on the roof and walls of the shed prevent build-up of water, ice, dirt or other debris while also offer a class atheistic appearance.

Ease of access is a very important consideration for any storage facility, in addition to knowing that everything is stored securely, but easily accessible at the same time. Our Duramax Woodside Sheds easily handle both of these requirements, with extra wide double doors providing great entry for the largest object. Easily locked with a standard padlock via the designated eye holes on the door handles, the Woodside is sure to remain secure and protecting anything your contents from unauthorized access. In addition to the door, the shed features a single window, with optional additional windows available.

Obviously the dimensions of a shed are probably the most important consideration when purchasing a storage facility. The Duramax Woodside is as excellent in this respect as every other: at 10' by 8', this is definitely a lot of storage space. Stastistically, the Woodside offers an amazing 542' of cubic space, an interior area of 92"x123", and 79.25 square feet of floor space. These impressive storage statistics are further bolstered by the fantastic door clearance: 61" wide and 71" tall, enough to get even the bulkiest objects moved into the shed. Each wall is reinforced with metal columns to provide space to mount shelving in any configuration desired, letting you take advantage of every bit of storage space, vertical and horizontal.

Designed with ease of assembly in mind, the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed is pretty much a diy job and goes togeather easily. To assemble the shed you'll only need a hammer, drill, sealant, level, and some other tools commonly found in any garage or workshop. You'll receive a detailed step-by-step instruction and pictorial aid from Duramax and you'll find that once everything is sorted out it will only take a few hours to erect, even for the inexperienced builder.

Woodside is available with a foundation floor kit of strong and durable galvanized metal, making the construction process much easier. Once the earth has been levelled simply lay the foundation frame on any solid base: this can be concrete, wood, or even directly on the ground. Once the foundation kit is set square and level, simply build your shed on top. This gives the shed a great deal of stability and elevates the finished floor level thus keening your contents off the ground safe and dry. After the shed has been constructed, you'll need some plywood laid on top.

An investment sure to provide for decades to come, the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed is a spacious, durable, excellent storage solution. You can't go past a Woodside from Duramax Sheds if you're looking for storage for objects or goods of any value or description: nothing will be compromised in terms of durability or security, even after many years of intense weather conditions and extreme climates. You'll also appreciate the attractive look of this shed and not tire of it even after many years. If you're looking for secure storage space, then Woodside is the answer for you.


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